Accelerate and control the deployment, scaling, monitoring and management of your containerized applications

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Built on top of upstream vanilla Kubernetes, Kublr allows developers to maintain the desired openness, portability, and pluggability of open source technology, while operations gains multi-factor enterprise security, backup, disaster recovery, and vendor support.

Kublr Control Plane


Dev How You Want. Run Where You Want.


Unlike other commercial Kubernetes solutions, Kublr lets you run on any operating system, use the development tools and environment of your dev team's choosing, and easily configure clusters where your ops team prefers.


Easily Setup Complex Deployments - Simplify the setup of production clusters with a cloud and infrastructure agnostic solution that you can deploy in minutes, out-of-the-box. Portable cluster deployment lets you implement complex Kubernetes scenarios in any environment, public and private clouds, across clouds, on-premise, and hybrid.


Enterprise-Grade Production-Readiness - Benefit from the fully-automated features you need (built-in security, high availability and self-healing, auto-scaling, backup and disaster recovery, monitoring and logging, cloud provider integrations, support for VMs, OpenStack, and bare metal), without the configuration hassles.


360-Degree Enterprise Security - From secure communication between nodes to integrated identity management and image validation, Kublr secures your Kubernetes deployment.

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Intelligent Operations - Kublr removes the complexity of Kubernetes management with automated cluster performance monitoring and alerting, event analysis, smart recommendations, troubleshooting, and preventative actions to rectify performance issues.


Open Platform - Built on open technologies and standards with portable components (GlusterFS, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, and more), Kublr is designed to be future compatible and not to lock you in.

Multiple Support Options

Kublr offers true managed services backend by a dedicated team who actively address customer issues 24x7. We take care of any alerts, so you don't have to. Multiple support options including managed services are available based on your needs.

Who We Are

Kublr is powered by EastBanc Technologies. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. we have maintained an unbroken record of successful software architecture and development deployments since 1999. Our solutions have helped small and large enterprises unleash the power and efficiency of the cloud and DevOps methodologies.