Enterprises choose Kublr because our platform is designed to be highly flexible and seamlessly integrate with cloud and services players for easy management of customized Kubernetes stacks. We continue to strategically grow our ecosystem of partners and integrations so our customers can maximize their ROI from using Kubernetes and Kublr, not only for container orchestration, but also increasingly to support more infrastructure operations traditionally implemented outside the cloud-native stack, such as storage and disaster recovery. 

It’s for these reasons that we’re excited to announce we have added Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled Kuberetes validation, including for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes for Data Services, as part of the Kublr ecosystem. 

This news benefits our customers in several ways: 

  • We are providing another useful way to integrate data center capacity with customers’ Azure cloud footprints so they can manage what is deployed in the data center and multi-cloud capacity with added visibility, flexibility, and security to help speed time-to-market. 
  • We’re making it even simpler for enterprises to adopt a single pane of glass for their Kubernetes operations and management across multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments simultaneously.   
  • Kublr and Azure customers will both benefit from the ability to deploy Kubernetes in the data center with improved, simplified visibility and management thanks to the Kublr platform, while at the same time maintaining the ability to use advanced Azure application management and CI/CD tools and deep Azure integration

Kublr Completes Microsoft Validation Program for Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes for Data Services

With Kublr, Azure customers can also use Arc to manage their other environments and CI/CD tools with greater visibility and simplicity. 

Check out the full press release here

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