Kublr 1.26.1 Agents and Controlplane components critical fixes

This release addresses a memory leak issue in the Kublr Agents caused by client-go v0.26.0.

We have reported this bug on Kubernetes under the issue titled Using Dial function with client-go kubernetes.NewForConfig triggers a memory leak and have implemented memory-free logic in the Kublr agents and Controlplane components.

The Kublr team strongly recommends that all customers migrate to v1.25.4 or newer and use the agents provided in this release.

If you are using a cluster created in Kublr Controlplane v1.25.0 or newer, the Kublr team strongly recommends updating the seeder version to 1.25.9-13 and terminating nodes with the previous seeder version. Please follow our solution article for seeder replacement.

Supported Kubernetes Versions

Version Kublr Agent Notes
1.26 1.26.4-3 Default version: v1.26.4
1.25 1.25.9-13
1.24 1.24.13-3
1.23 1.23.17-5 Deprecated in 1.27.0
1.22 1.22.17-11 End of support in 1.27.0

Important Changes

  • Addressed memory leak in Kublr cluster-controller and feature-controller caused by client-go v0.26.0.
  • UI changes now provide warnings about impacted agents and seeder usage.

To get more information, check out our help article.