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KubeCon 2018 Video Prediction Series – Episode One: Hedvig, kublr, Rancher and Sysdig

At KubeCon 2018, VMblog interviewed industry experts from Hedvig, Kublr, Rancher and Sysdig to talk about predictions and futures in 2019 within the IT industry, covering containers, Kubernetes and more. Watch the video here.

Kublr 2019 Predictions: Kubernetes Becomes a New IaaS+ and Accelerates Adoption of Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Technologies

In 2018, Kubernetes went from a container orchestration framework to the container orchestration solution – a de-facto standard container management platform. Read the full article here.

20 Developers and Kubernetes Experts Reveal the Biggest Mistakes People Make During the Transition to Kubernetes

Making the transition from virtual machines to containers is a complex process that can take some time, particularly for larger, more complex environments. Read the full article here.