Manage Enterprise Kubernetes On-Prem Across Environments

Centrally Manage Kubernetes Clusters On-Premise, in Hybrid, or Even Air-Gapped Environments

The Kublr Platform automates the deployment and management of secure, enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters across multiple environments. Deploy on top of existing infrastructure or integrate with the underlying APIs to automate infrastructure provisioning prior to cluster setup, ensuring consistency across all deployments.

  • Regardless of the environment, all Kubernetes clusters managed by Kublr are built with the operational and security features modern enterprises need.

    on-premise clusters
  • Bare Metal, Bring Your Own Infrastructure

    administrators can deploy Kubernetes clusters

    Assuming the deployment of a suitable OS (the required minimal versions of RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or SUSE), administrators can deploy Kubernetes clusters by logging into servers one at a time or providing the Kublr Platform with SSH credentials for automatic cluster deployment across multiple servers.

    Kublr lays down all required packages and system settings prior to deploying Kubernetes. The Kublr Control Plane and Agent then deploy all necessary Kubernetes components and configure them for security and scalability.

  • VMware With vSphere Integration

    simplifies Kubernetes clusters operations

    The VMware integration significantly simplifies Kubernetes clusters operations procedures. It enables users to leverage cloud-init or custom VM Templates, ensuring conformance to enterprise practices.

    Kublr’s vSphere API integration automates VM creation during cluster deployment as part of your Kubernetes cluster creation. Through the intuitive Kublr UI, administrators see a list of data centers, resource pools, data stores, and networks available, based on their login credentials. From the UI, they define the number of master and worker nodes, and choose their desired IP Address Allocation Mode and VM Templates.

  • VMware With vCloud Director

    vCloud Director API

    For hosted environments that support vCloud Director, Kublr integrates with the vCloud Director API to automate the deployment of VMs in your hosted environment as part of your Kubernetes cluster creation.

  • Unified Operations, Observability, and Governance


    Regardless of your underlying infrastructure, the Kublr Platform enables teams to use the Kublr Control Plane to deploy, run, and manage Kubernetes clusters. Ensure IAM, RBAC, and secure communications across environments while centralized logging and monitoring enable visibility, troubleshooting, and performance management.