Get up and running with enterprise-grade Kubernetes in minutes. Whether microservices or data management, Kublr is designed to deploy reliable, secure Kubernetes clusters in any environment and for any use case. Fully customizable, your team remains in control. But don't take our word for it, download Kublr and take it for a test drive!

Two steps to download Kublr:

  1. Run the demo/installer container
  2. Deploy a cluster or install the full Kublr Platform


  1. 64-bit operating system to run the Kublr Demo/Installer on your local machine
  2. An AWS, Azure, GCP account or on-premise environment to deploy a Kubernetes cluster or the full Kublr Platform

Getting Started

Open the terminal and launch this command:

sudo docker run --name kublr -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 9080:9080 kublr/kublr:1.19.1

Open your favorite browser and enter http://localhost:9080/ into your navigation

Use the following credentials to access Kublr Demo/Installer UI: Username: admin Password: kublrbox