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Kublr CTO Speaking at DeveloperWeek 2019

  Oakland Convention Center, Oakland, CA
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Centralizing Container and Kubernetes Operations

Wed, Feb 20 3:00 – 3:50 PM

Attending DeveloperWeek in San Fran on Feb 2019? Don’t miss our talk. Kublr CTO, Oleg Chunikhin, will be giving a presentation on Centralizing Container and Kubernetes Operations at DeveloperWeek 2019 in the Bay Area. 

In this session, Oleg will discuss what’s needed for a general architecture of a centralized Kubernetes operations layer based on open source components such as Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack, Keycloak, etc., and how to set up reliable clusters and multi-master configuration without a load balancer. He’ll also describe how these components should be combined into an operations-friendly enterprise Kubernetes management platform with centralized monitoring and log collection, identity and access management, backup and disaster recovery, and infrastructure management capabilities. This presentation will show real-world open source projects use cases to implement an ops-friendly environment.

About Developer Week

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