• Kublr 1.20 Announces Advanced Microsoft Azure Features

    Kublr gives enterprise customers software that delivers on the promise of Kubernetes.

  • The Cloud Native Landscape: Platforms Explained

    With Kubernetes at its core, Kublr bundles technologies from mainly three layers: provisioning, runtime, orchestration and management, and observability and analysis.

  • The 20 Coolest Tech Startups Of 2020

    From AI security and Kubernetes to storage and edge networking, here are 20 of the hottest technology startups in 2020… Read the full article here.

  • Kublr Updates Management Platform for Kubernetes

    Kublr added full support for Helm Charts to deploy software, support for Centos/RHEL 8 and AWS high availability network address translation (NAT) gateways, and integration with Litmus automated chaos testing framework…Read the full article here.
  • Kublr Gives IT Admins More Kubernetes Control

    Kublr is making a case for an open source management platform designed to make it easier for IT administrators to manage fleets of Kubernetes clusters. In the wake of the economic downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, IT organizations are more conscious of costs… Read the full article here.

  • Hot Kubernetes Startups Rancher, Kubermatic, and Kublr Bring the Heat

    Kublr now support in-place platform upgrades. This means that upgrading Kubernetes clusters managed with Kublr is now easier and can be done with just the click of a button… Read the full article here.

  • Kublr Allies With cloudtamer.io To Rein in Kubernetes Costs

    Kublr has teamed with cloudtamer.io to help IT organizations rein in costs stemming from deploying Kubernetes clusters on public clouds… Read the full article here.

  • Kublr Extends Kubernetes Cluster Management Reach

    Kublr is making available a technical preview of an update to its namesake Kubernetes management platform that can reach out to external clusters that have already been deployed… Read the full article here.

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