Digital transformation may be in danger of becoming an overused buzzword. Yet, real business needs are driving this trend and IT leaders feel the pressure to transform their businesses every day. Whether it is the need for speed, agility, or rethinking business processes as a whole – these challenges are here to stay.

Remember that bookseller? The one that decided not to be a bookseller but a computing powerhouse and is now shaking up the entire retail industry? Companies such as Amazon, Airbnb or Uber, are pushing traditional enterprises to rethink their modus operandi.

Whether you seek to transform your business model or improve your operations and customer interactions, Digital Transformation Initiatives have several common elements:

  • Experimentation and speed
  • Realignment and partnering between IT and the business
  • Use of cloud technologies
  • Modern application architectures

Containers and Kubernetes are part of the technology ecosystem enabling Digital Transformation. In this online meetup, we’ll discuss how container technologies facilitate organizational alignment in IT around DevOps, cloud-native technologies, microservices, and APIs, as well as hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.