Meeting the Needs of Enterprise Governance and Security Installing

Kubernetes is easy. Ensuring it complies with your organization’s enterprise governance and security requirements isn’t.

During this webinar, Oleg will explain how to use Kubernetes while meeting enterprise requirements. In this technically-focused talk, he’ll summarize common prerequisites for running Kubernetes in production, and how to leverage fine-grained controls and separation of responsibilities to meet enterprise governance and security needs.

The presentation will include basic requirements for audit, security, authentication, authorization, integration with existing identity management, logging, and monitoring.

Because on-premise Kubernetes deployments don’t come without their challenges, Oleg will cover the limitations of a bare-metal installation, interactions with vSphere’s API, achieving HA, reliability and disaster recovery, as well as handling OS upgrades, security patches, and Kubernetes upgrades. He’ll close with a quick outlook of what’s next, including infrastructure as code, immutable infrastructure, and GitOps.