In this webinar, Oleg Chunikhin, CTO at Kublr, demonstrates how you can kick-start your development workflow on cloud-native technologies with Kubernetes, Kublr, Jenkins, Nexus, and git.

We will walk through a reusable example. First, we will set up a DevOps environment with Jenkins and Nexus running on Kubernetes and deployable on any cloud or on-prem (using AWS and Azure as an example). Then, we will set up a simple template microservice project with automatic build/deploy CI pipelines in a Kubernetes cluster.

Cloud-native technologies promise a productive and reliable jump for application development and operations. However, for newcomers, the complexity and vastness of the space may be intimidating.

This is especially true when you are not only trying to chart your way in the world of container management, but are also trying to navigate how the new technology stack will affect your development, release workflows, and pipelines.