Kublr v1.9 with Kubernetes v1.9.6 Support

The Kublr engineering team has been hard at work the last few weeks and is proud to announce Kublr v1.9 with full Kubernetes v1.9.6 support. Kubernetes v1.9 brought major updates and improved stability and enhanced storage to the K8s project.

Kublr, built on top of Kubernetes, gives you complete control over the deployment, scaling, monitoring, and management of your containerized applications. This update brings Kubernetes 1.9.6 and new Dashboard; in addition to improved backups in AWS with full cluster restoration, centralized monitoring, IAM (Identity Access Management), custom cluster specification and other fixes. Read the release notes, here.

Ready to deploy real Kubernetes clusters on your machine? Take Kublr for a test drive.

Kublr v1.9 with Kubernetes v1.9.6 Support

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