Kublr v1.9 is Certified Kubernetes

Kublr v1.9 is Certified Kubernetes

On the heels of our latest feature release, the Kublr Team is pleased to announce that we are now Certified Kubernetes for Kubernetes v1.10. The Kublr Platform has been conformant and Certified Kubernetes for k8s v1.7, v.1.8, and v.1.9  and the Kublr Platform team works continually to support new k8s versions.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things?


From CNCF:

This program gives end users the confidence that when they use a Certified Kubernetes product they can rely on a high level of common functionality. It gives Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) confidence that if their customer is using a Certified Kubernetes platform that their software will behave as expected.

What does this mean for Kublr-in-a-Box and Kublr Platform users?


Kublr enables your teams to dev how you want and run where you want – Kublr is built on top of upstream vanilla Kubernetes and allows developers to maintain the desired openness, portability, and pluggability of open source technology, while giving operations multi-factor enterprise security, backup, disaster recovery, and vendor support. Now that Kublr v.1.9 is Certified Kubernetes, you know that your configurations will meet the k8s standards set by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and deliver a consistent and reliable experience for your organization. Learn more about CNCF k8s conformance.

Want to learn more about Kublr?


The Kublr Team will be at DevOpsCon at the end of May! Attending the conference? Don’t miss our keynote and technical session, and swing by our booth to learn how Kublr helps enterprises adopt Kubernetes and enables DevOps teams to accelerate and control the deployment, scaling, monitoring, and management of containerized applications.

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