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Canary Releases on Kubernetes with Spinnaker, Istio, and Prometheus

In a microservices world, applications consist of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of components. Manually deploying and verifying deployment quality in production is virtually impossible. Kubernetes, which natively supports rolling updates, enables blue-green application deployments with Spinnaker. However, the gradual rollout is a feature that doesn’t come out-of-the-box but can be achieved by adding Istio and Prometheus to the equation. During this webinar, Oleg Chunikhin will discuss canary release implementations on Kubernetes with Spinnaker, Istio, and Prometheus.

He’ll examine the role of each tool in the process and how they are all connected. During a demo, he will demonstrate a successful and failed canary release, and how these tools enable IT teams, to properly roll out changes to their customer base without any downtime.

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