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Kubernetes Ingress 101: Services, Ingresses, Load Balancers, and Certificate Management

In this meetup, Oleg, CTO at Kublr, will explain the basics of Kubernetes (K8s) Ingress traffic management functionality and how it can be used to simplify managing applications across different environments – in the cloud or on premise. Oleg will use a demo environment with clusters in different clouds to show K8s Ingress in practice.

We will cover:
• Ingress abstractions in K8s: Service and Ingress
• Services of type NodePort and LoadBalancer
• Ingress rules and Ingress controllers; types of Ingress controllers
• Using multiple ingress controllers in the same cluster; Ingress classes
• Certificate management with CertManager and Let’s Encrypt

K8s is a powerful and flexible open-source container orchestration system. The power of K8s comes from its modularity and simplicity of basic concepts. Each of these builds on the other — from the most basic elements to more advanced ones — and each is responsible for its own well-defined logic and behavior.

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