Use Cases
Managed service from cloud providers limit your ability to customize your Kubernetes clusters. Kublr eliminates such cloud vendor lock-in so you can pursue and implement hybrid- and multi-cloud strategies and deploy the Kubernetes you need.

One platform for all Kubernetes users

From developer flexibility to peace-of-mind operational security, Kublr
delivers a single platform that supports every worker and use case.

Operations & Infrastructure Teams

Automated Kubernetes Operations

Kublr automates the secure setup of Kubernetes clusters with all the necessary components (i.e., Kubernetes masters, kubelets, overlay network) and integrates with cloud and infrastructure APIs. Automatic deployment of logging and monitoring enables rapid troubleshooting.

Streamlined Operational Observability

Kublr’s simplified UI lets operations teams view system and application metrics and logs through a single pane of glass.

Powerful Governance and Security

Role-based access control (RBAC). Transport Layer Security (TLS). Identity and Access Management (IAM.) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA). Audit capabilities. It’s all there by default.

Built-in Reliability
Deliver faster. Recover faster. Kublr preconfigures Kubernetes for high availability, self-healing and self-recovery.

Simple, Unified Management
Kublr’s UI simplifies and centralizes the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters across all your environments. On premises, hybrid or in the cloud.

API enabled automationAPI-Enabled Automation
Kublr’s API and custom cluster specification support advanced use cases.

Enterprise-Grade Integrations
Kublr integrates with your existing enterprise identity management, log collection and monitoring systems.

Unparalleled Recovery & Support

Kublr’s platform comes complete with multiple layers of error handling and the ability to re-provision Kubernetes components as necessary.


With Kublr, architects can adopt a DevOps approach while centralizing infrastructure management, integrating with existing systems and enforcing policy requirements.

Open-Source Kubernetes

It’s quite simple: If Kubernetes can do it, Kublr can do it — we don’t restrict any of its capabilities. Whether deploying on any infrastructure, including bare metal, VMware or cloud environments, or leveraging cloud-like capabilities, such as auto-scaling, to ensure application availability, optimize performance and control cost.

Multi-Layer Policy Enforcement

Kublr supports fine-grained policy enforcement. Enabled by default in several overlay network providers, network policy is automatically enforced. Configure user access to groups of clusters with Kublr’s RBAC and spaces.

Centralized Logging and Monitoring

Role-based access control (RBAC). Transport Layer Security (TLS). Identity and Access Management (IAM.) Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA). Audit capabilities. It’s all there by default.

High Availability (HA)

Kublr provides multi-layer HA. While Kubernetes ensures HA for applications, Kublr delivers HA for Kubernetes components and the underlying infrastructure components whenever infrastructure automation is available. Kublr also supports HA through the deployment of clusters with 3-5 master nodes.

DevOps Pipeline Integrations

Kublr integrates with any DevOps tooling. The Kublr team can help you integrate with your current pipeline or set up and integrate new tools like Spinnaker and/or Jenkins.

Supports Existing Infrastructure Automation

Kublr integrates with available infrastructure solutions that automate the deployment of the underlying resources before setting up Kubernetes.

DevOps and Site Reliability
Engineers (SRE)

Enjoy the best of both worlds. The built-in compatibility and openness of Kubernetes, plus the advanced platform features only available with Kublr.

Speed up the DevOps Pipeline

Compatible with all major commercial and open-source DevOps tools, development and QA teams can use Kublr’s API to automatically provision test clusters for integration and for end-to-end stability and performance testing. Easily set up and tear down development and QA environments with self-service. And quickly define self-service policies and governance with RBAC and spaces.

Streamline Application Lifecycle Management

While Kubernetes enables application lifecycle management, self-healing and desired state management, Kublr simplifies it by providing preconfigured, centralized application log and metrics collection. Enjoy easy access to application performance metrics, which can be immediately used as input for application lifecycle management pipelines.

Blue-Green and Canary Deployments

Since Kublr works across environments and is compatible with all DevOps and deployment tools, our open platform doesn’t lock you into any particular DevOps pipeline or environment anywhere in your development process.


Benefit from full developer freedom through customizable upstream Kubernetes and self-service ability.

Name Your Tool

Kublr allows for an unprecedented level of developer freedom. It’s compatible with any DevOps and deployment tools that support Kubernetes and containers. And it works across your environments, which means you can develop on premises and deploy in the cloud or vice versa. And while Kublr happily integrates with your current tools, it also allows you to incorporate newer technologies and trends. That means freedom and control at every stage of the development process.

Fully Customizable Upstream Kubernetes
Kublr provides unmodified upstream Kubernetes that can be customized down to components parameters and flags of individual Kubernetes components.

Self-Service Simplicity
With Kublr, you can easily set up and tear down development and QA environments without involving Ops. Operation teams define appropriate policies through RBAC and spaces. Then Kublr-in-a-Box, running on your local machine, allows for easy cluster deployment for prototyping in different environments.