Why Kublr Is the Best Enterprise K8s Container Management Platform

Reliable, scalable container management

Kublr is an enterprise-grade container management platform focused on the Kubernetes and infrastructure layers, providing operations and governance capabilities that enterprises need to run reliably at scale.


Neither PaaS nor SaaS

Kublr is neither a PaaS nor a SaaS. Kublr is a product, that you install in your environment. You completely own and control Kublr, with all the flexibility, openness and modularity open source promises.


Fully Extensible / Extendable

Because CI/CD tools are compatible with Kubernetes, we are mainly focused on running Kubernetes reliably, not on delivering application tooling. Reliable, scalable and secure Kubernetes clusters allow you to use any modern application tooling. However, we do offer integrations with CI/CD tools, such as Spinnaker, to get things rolling faster for your team.


Kublr vs Other Commercial Kubernetes Platforms


Truly Production-Grade

Deploying reliable Kubernetes is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are literally hundreds of Kubernetes variables that must be properly configured, fine-tuned and tested for a specific use case to run reliably. Kublr focuses on delivering scalability, reliability and self-healing out-of-the-box. We also support multiple operating systems.


How Ready Is Enterprise Ready?

To be truly enterprise ready, a container management platform must provide a single pane of glass for operations, log collection, monitoring, audit, identity management and disaster recovery. In short: deliver secure and reliable clusters out-of-the-box. Kublr covers all aspects and is the most comprehensive platform on the market to date.


Per Cluster vs Multi-Cluster Control Plane

While most platforms manage Kubernetes on a per-cluster basis, Kublr allows IT to manage multiple clusters at a time and scales for enterprise requirements— assigning roles and permission and separating clusters by business unit, development, QA, production environments — and providing a single pane of glass to view and control cluster performance across all your environments.